Hey, Im Karlee, creator of this blog that I’d like to share with you about the body, mind and soul, happiness, the beach, motivation, peace and you. I’m a Midwife, a partner to a great man, daughter to a beautiful Mum and Dad, sister to the best big brother and sister-in-law, and friend to my wonderfully loving and fun friends. I live in a coastal town in NSW, Australia and love it!

Honestly, I NEVER thought I’d have a blog of my own! I’ve only ever read and followed a few blogs. I’m not much into fancy gadgets, even though they’re a big part of our world now. To give you a bit of an idea of how ‘non-tech savvy’ I am... I proudly still use a Nokia 3315 mobile phone (a brick) and love the fact that I don’t have the internet attached to me 24/7. I don’t own an iPod, iPad or any such ‘smart’ device. I’m happy with my old laptop and camera, it’s all I need. I love still buying music CD's instead of downloading everything. I’ve never Twittered, Instragramed, Pinterest’d etc! You won’t find me posting about  what I'm doing everyday...I’m not into ‘status updates’ informing people about what I’m doing every second of my life (I understand if people like that sort of thing, it’s just not me) I tend to be a little more private. You won’t find me whinging in my posts about...whatever, that’s not what I’m here for.

I’m here to share with you the things I find helpful, motivating and amazing in life and our world from our bodies, the beach, relaxation and nature, down to a simple cup of tea, or juicy orange (my fave!) I want to help people be more aware of the fresh and rejuvenating things in our everyday lives that may help us be naturally at our very best, because our bodies, minds and souls deserve our care.

My brother and some other friends and family think I'm a bit of a hippie due to my love for vintage things, polaroid cameras and old looking photos, markets, lazy beach days, some of the clothes I wear (which really aren't 'hippie' lol), the way I sometimes wear my hair, the different foods we eat, and my love for all things natural and fresh. I think I'm just a normal girl, with a 'comfy, natural, nothing over the top beachy style' 

Family, friends, yoga, different cultures, curry!! taking photos, making goals, learning, exercise, tea!! babies, kids, pregnancy, birth, home grown food, wine, the countryside, boots, Bob Marley, triple J, cooking, swimming, Summer, DIY renovations, hammocks, equality, travelling, Australia, animals, water, sunrises, the environment, home, games and of course chocolate are just some more of the things I love in life.

So sit back with a cuppa and have a wander through... something might strike a cord.
Don’t be a stranger. Make yourself at home. Hope to hear from you.

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