26 March 2012

A day of spontaneity

Saturday was.... a B. E. A. uuutiful day! 

Autumn freshness was in the air, the sun was out and we (my partner and I) had the day off together and no plans! Usually, our weekend days off together (which at times can be rare as we both work shift work) are full of plans, sometimes we even make lists because we forget all the things we want/need to do. But, this Saturday was free, full of spontaneity – the best kind of days!

It started off with a wee sleep in, followed by breakfast and tea in the hammocks in the morning sun...bliss!

16 March 2012

Its Autumn - time for a change and/or challenge

Hey there

Well it's Autumn here in Australia now, our lovely Summer days have passed us by, the morning are just starting to become that bit cooler; there is a change in the air.

As much as Summer is my favourite time of the year, Autumn would be my next pick - the days are still warm, the beach it still warm enough to swim, no need for jumpers yet, but the anticipation lingers of cranking the fire on a Winters night, blankets and cosy nights in.

I love the changes that happen in the garden in Autumn – growth begins to slow down as if the plants and trees are storing their energy for a cool Winter hibernation ahead, the days get a little shorter (especially when daylight savings finishes – which I don’t love so much), and leaves change their colours to beautiful yellows, oranges, reds, browns and fall to the ground to let more sunlight in through the branches. We’ve only just planted some deciduous trees – not much change for these babies yet.

So many things are changing right in front of our eyes – why don’t we join in!!

8 March 2012

1 Million Women

Climbing Pigeon House Mountain this January, South Coast, NSW

I’m not a greeny, I’m not a tree hugging hippie, I’m not at all perfect when it comes to caring for our environment (good on you if you are any/all of the above)... but, I do care!
I care about our environment, climate change and our impact that we humans have on our vulnerable earth.

The earth was made (however or by whomever) to look after itself; to rejuvenate, restore itself and change by way of weather patterns, tides, seasons, ecosystems, time and evolution. But we humans have made this a hard feat by introducing our inventions, productions, waste, ways of life and interfering with ecosystems and natural habitats.

3 March 2012

Tea! (no need for a fancy title)

Black, white, green! Indian, Sri-Lankan, English, Australian! Anytime of the day or night! From a pot, in a mug, in a delicate old teacup! In hot weather, in cold! In sickness and in health!

I DO... love my tea!