16 March 2012

Its Autumn - time for a change and/or challenge

Hey there

Well it's Autumn here in Australia now, our lovely Summer days have passed us by, the morning are just starting to become that bit cooler; there is a change in the air.

As much as Summer is my favourite time of the year, Autumn would be my next pick - the days are still warm, the beach it still warm enough to swim, no need for jumpers yet, but the anticipation lingers of cranking the fire on a Winters night, blankets and cosy nights in.

I love the changes that happen in the garden in Autumn – growth begins to slow down as if the plants and trees are storing their energy for a cool Winter hibernation ahead, the days get a little shorter (especially when daylight savings finishes – which I don’t love so much), and leaves change their colours to beautiful yellows, oranges, reds, browns and fall to the ground to let more sunlight in through the branches. We’ve only just planted some deciduous trees – not much change for these babies yet.

So many things are changing right in front of our eyes – why don’t we join in!!

Pink fairy-floss sunset at home a few days ago

What better time to make changes in our lives than now, when we’ve got other things doing the same around us – Autumn will be right there with us, making changes and taking on challenges. The trees change in ways during Autumn so that when Spring and Summer come around again they’re at their best for the bright, cheerful and refreshing times of the year. Let’s do the same. If you live in the northern hemisphere then you can still make changes too  while enjoying your Spring and Summer, but here down under we’re preparing for the cooler months and I think it’s time for a challenge.

This Autumn my changes/challenges are:
-   Starting a course (next week actually!) Parenting Educators Course that finishes in Spring. I’ll be able to teach parenting and birthing classes  
-   Keep going to the beach often, even if just to walk and not swim. It’s one of my favourite places to walk though I tend to hibernate from it a little in Winter. No excuses this year – ill keep walking on the sand in the Winter sun so I feel good for Spring and Summer.
-  Donate blood! I made this one of my goals for 2012 and am yet to achieve it. I hope to donate more than once this year, but this will be the start of it!

There are so many changes you could make and challenges you could tackle – think of something you want to achieve or something in your life that you think needs changing for the better and make yourself an Autumn goal. Whether to change your eating habits during the colder months, keeping up the active lifestyle you have during Summer throughout Winter and coming out of Winter on top – why start the looking better/feeling better process in Spring when you could look and feel good the whole year through. Or, you might just make a small goal like learning something new, cleaning out your wardrobe, finishing a book, changing your hair colour or organising a Wintery weekend away.

There’s no better time for change/challenge than when so many things around you are joining in on the fun.

What challenge or changes will you make for you this Autumn? Share them with me...

Write it down, put it on the fridge, look at it often.

Don’t hibernate this Autumn/Winter – make the most of it!


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