3 March 2012

Tea! (no need for a fancy title)

Black, white, green! Indian, Sri-Lankan, English, Australian! Anytime of the day or night! From a pot, in a mug, in a delicate old teacup! In hot weather, in cold! In sickness and in health!

I DO... love my tea!

My lovely Grandma was the first to introduce me to tea. At first taste I didn't like it - black, sugarless, I thought it tasted like dirty water. She then made me a weaker cup of much whiter, sweeter tea that I didn't mind. 

I remember coming home from my first job as a checkout chicky at Woolworths, jumping into the bath with a BIG mug of tea. It was such a good way to wind down after a day of school followed by an afternoon filled with lovely customers at the supermarket! *sarcasm*

A vintage find that I keep on top of our kitchen cupboard is this old tea shipping box. Ceylon is what we now know as Sri-Lanka. Scotsman James Taylor is who planted the first tea estate in Ceylon. Love this old piece of history.

When travelling overseas last year in India, I bought a tea called Kashmiri Kahwa tea. I remember the Indian lady selling it to me sounding so intrigued by its powers and the goodness in it, saying 'if you feel like you're getting sick have this tea straight away, it will warm you up from the inside and make your sickness just go away.' Maybe she was just a good salesperson lol! I also bought Masala tea - kind of like Chai tea, made on milk. The different spices you can taste is beautiful and tastey. 

The health benefits of tea are endless. Full of antioxidants, helps boost the immune system, good for relaxation, helps lower cholesterol, is a source of daily fluid intake, provides a source of vitamins and minerals including calcium, zinc, folic acid and vitamins B2 B1 and B6. Tea is also found to contain approx. the same amount of fluoride as fluoridated water which may help protect tooth enamel from decay and is also important in helping your bones stay strong and healthy. http://www.tetley.com/Australia/teaexpert/Pages/healthbenefits.aspxhttp://www.planet-tea.com/health_benefits.html 

I remember a couple of years ago now, reading an article in a magazine about tea, I liked a sentence within the article so much that I copied it into my phone - 'a cup of tea is made with generous, nurturing intentions and it is presented with care. It is the liquid equivalent of a hug.' 
It's so true! Generously offered, whether in a nurturing way or even celebratory way, and handing over the offering with care and precision. Being offered a cuppa is a always a nice gesture -  just like a warm, comforting hug.

I love catching up with Mum over a nice cuppa, and catching up with my friends over tea and Tim Tams (awesome Aussie chocolate biscuits if you weren't sure). We're not very ladylike when sucking the tea up through the biscuit but man it is good!

Whether you enjoy your tea in a prim and proper manner, or like me with a make-do table in the backyard, just enjoy it, take in all its goodness and relax.



  1. Hi Karlee,

    I agree, there is nothing quite like a cup of tea to lift your spirits.

    lg xx

    1. Yep! I love how a simple cup of a leaf infused water can make you feel! Such simplicity. Thanks for your comment lg :)