26 March 2012

A day of spontaneity

Saturday was.... a B. E. A. uuutiful day! 

Autumn freshness was in the air, the sun was out and we (my partner and I) had the day off together and no plans! Usually, our weekend days off together (which at times can be rare as we both work shift work) are full of plans, sometimes we even make lists because we forget all the things we want/need to do. But, this Saturday was free, full of spontaneity – the best kind of days!

It started off with a wee sleep in, followed by breakfast and tea in the hammocks in the morning sun...bliss!
The air was so refreshing, but our skin was warm from the sun. 
We decided to go and look at some junk/vintage shops that we’d discovered the week before but couldn't stop in at the time. We loved looking through some very old nik-naks, appliances and bits and bobs.

We then found ourselves driving down a quiet, old country looking road where we stumbled across these white beauties

We then decided to go and order a panoramic canvas picture of this – half price on Saturday too woohoo!

...our friend took this panoramic view of the Taj Mahal when we were there a year ago. We can’t wait to get it in the house, we’ve been talking about getting it done for ages. A post on our India travels coming up soon - some amazing places to show you    

We then helped our friend move a couple of pieces of furniture into his new house.

Followed by gardening all afternoon, planting new herbs in new pots and weeding and trimming the gardens, then ending the day in the best way we know how - by cranking our outdoor fire place, enjoying beers, leftovers and each other’s company under the stars.

Couldn’t have had a nicer day!

Being spontaneous keeps your mind sharp and open. Being spontaneous and feeling OK about it helps you deal with stress – if you can deal with the unknown the less stress you’ll build up in your everyday life. Spontaneity can help you feel as though you’re not living groundhog day, everyday day!

I can understand why some people don’t like spontaneity – if you crave organisation, routine, productivity, and don't like surprises! But I think a little bit is good for everyone. It can be powerfully rejuvenating. It's fun!

Life is full of things that need doing. Things that take up time on our days off and routine. Things that take planning and organisation. But, when a little bit of time here and there pops up and you feel like doing something spontaneous then grab it! You know on those days where you find yourself saying ‘I really feel like going for a drive’ ‘I’d love to go to the beach for a quick swim’ ‘I’d love to pop in and see Grandma or call in and see Uncle whoever, we never do that anymore’.... well, do it! Whenever you have a spare morning/afternoon/day, go and do something spontaneous, do whatever it is you really feel like doing!

What do you think about spontaneity? 

Have you done anything spontaneous lately?



  1. Hey i found your blog from your comment at Fat Mum Slim.
    I love being spontaneous, having no plans and then having a suprisingly fun time is so exciting! Then again, i hate it when i have no plans and then nothing exciting happens.
    Love the photo with the horses! They are gorgeous!!!

    1. Thanks for your nice comment rinniez :)
      I've just popped over to your blog... looks like you lead an exciting and fun life at Uni! Brings back memories of my Uni days living in college... FUN+++!! Savour it - there's nothing like uni days

  2. Saw you on FMS also!

    We had a spontaneous picnic last weekend which was heaven! I'm hoping we get a bit of sunshine again this weekend to do the same. I can't remember the last time I got to lie out in the sun and read the paper. Love the outdoor fireplace and that Taj Mahal pic!!

    1. Hey Jess
      That picnic certainly sounds good. . . I hope the sun shines for you again this weekend :)